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Today at Miracle Studios

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I’m back to blogging again. The studio had gotten so busy that I’ve been neglecting my life of an illustrator blog. Of course I’m talking about “The Uncanny Man-Frog” blog, named after a comic book I did years ago. I’ve started to take this social media thing more seriously. I now have an Instagram account also, I’m calling it the KID KOG Instagram.

Miracle Squad: The Miracle Squad graphic novel is now available.

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I got my long anticipated author’s copies from my Publisher, Pulp 2.0 Press.   It feels good to be back in print again!  If you’re interested, you can get a copy from

Illustration: Green Giant

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Working at the Cherry Street Coffee Shop today.    I get more work done in coffee shops than I do at the studio.

I’m working on some comic strips for Green Giant.  I actually feel like I’m working on something worthwhile here; Getting kids to eat more vegatables.   Have you taken a look at kids lately.  Most of them are so fat!  What happened kids? I’m creating the pencils , colors and lettering digitally via Intous 4, with digital inks by Scott Youtsey.   Both of us, of course, doing this job via Miracle Studios.   Check out the first strip here.  Green Giant Strip

Logo: for a pal

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Here’s a quick little illustration that was fun to do.  It’s for my friend’s business.

I’m working late tonight on my  Macbook Pro at  Shades of Brown, the coffee shop on Brookside, here in Tulsa.

I like the atmosphere here.   And enjoy working while listening to Pandora internet radio, via headphones, and drinking hot tea.

I’d recommend illustrators or cartoonists get a good laptop, and an Intuos drawing tablet.    It’s freed me from the confines of Miracle Studios, and I’m now able to work anywhere that affords me a table and a Wifi connection!

Comps: Studio Promo

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This is supposed to be a blog of a working cartoonist.  Here’s something I’ve been working on today.  Compositional layouts for Miracle Studios’  Workbook ad.   Workbook is this big thick book that is sent by the tens of thousands out to art directors all over North America, and some over seas.   It’s one way we advertise the studio.

Here’s another version.   I could use some feedback.  Which one do you prefer?


Miracle Studios Blog is live!

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My studio’s blog is now live.    Check it out  Miracle Studios blog. Here you can read fresh blogging from me and my illustrious biz partner  and cartoonist supreme Scott Youtsey!  This is where the professional stuff is,  not just me goofing around!  Ha.  Just click on the orange link in this text  block or check out the Blog Roll on the right side .

Home, Sweet Home Studio

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Working late in my home studio. If you want to see Miracle Studios, you’ll have to go to Right now, there are no pics up of it yet, but sometime near the third week in March we are posting some. Miracle Studios’ walls are lined with original art, posters, toys (both new and old) and model aircraft hang from the ceilings. People are curious, so we’ll actually reveal what Miracle Studios looks like soon.  Be patient, for right now, scope out this photo of my home studio which has quite a bit of junk decorating it. In addition it’s loaded with books on illustration, old toys and such. I keep all that kind of eclectic treasure  in the confines of this one room in my house so my guests won’t think I’m totally mad.

My Home Studio