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workbook 2016 comp  Out of the studio today, and working at the Chimera coffee shop, in what is known as the Brady District in Tulsa, an older part of downtown, north across the tracks.  I used to work in a dirt lab, here in this area, when I was in college and working summers for the Army Corps of Engineers.  ( Yes, I became an engineer and worked in the design department of the Army Corps of Engineers, before I broke into comics with Chelsea Oklahoma’s former wonder boy, John Wooley.   They say he was reading newspapers when he was three years old!   Well, south  18 miles down Highway 66, America’s Main Street, I was drawing comic strips when I was 3 years old.  Mostly about dinosaurs.  We made a good team.  Now the Brady district is thriving with cafes, clubs, coffee shops, The Woody Guthrie Museum , and Driller Stadium, home of Tulsa’s baseball team the Drillers.

Today’s offering…… A comp I just finished for my Workbook Ad.  I promote my studio through a couple of creative books: The Workbook,through my New York agents, The Mendola Agency, and The Directory of Illustration.  Creative books, contain illustrations of commercial artists, and they are sent out by the tens of thousands to art directors, publishers and such all over North America.  If you have two or three grand to spend, you can take out an ad.

I like doing these illustrations.   It’s a chance to be creative, and do an iconic piece.   Here, I am featuring a strong female heroine.   I usually do.   But in this case I’m specifically trying to make her akin to Wonder Woman.  I am predicting that Wonder Woman will be popular next year due to the upcoming “Superman vs. Batman” movie.   Although I didn’t intend to do so….. this comp reminds me of the compositions of Alex Ross, form his Kingdom Come work.   The girl hero floating in the sky is definitely ripped off,  ahem… inspired by Mr. Ross.


Twilight Avenger: Cover Concepts

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Twilight Avenger comp a

Twilight Avenger compBI had fun at the studio today working on cover concepts for my upcoming Twilight Avenger graphic novel.

The second one is my favorite, not only because of the composition and action, but that it shows june bugs swarming his magnesium light and leaks in his gas weaponry.

Twilight Avenger , is a bit Steam Punk looking.  But John and I were doing this type of thing before Steam Punk became popular.

The publisher is Pulp 2.0 Press.   We’re finishing up the creative part in the next month or so.   Pages still need to be lettered, and art touched up a bit.

Miracle Squad: The Miracle Squad graphic novel is now available.

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I got my long anticipated author’s copies from my Publisher, Pulp 2.0 Press.   It feels good to be back in print again!  If you’re interested, you can get a copy from

Miracle Squad: Cover art

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Here’s the final cover art for the first Miracle Squad graphic novel.   Pulp 2.0 press is publishing it this spring.   The logo and type haven’t been added of course.     I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.  There will also be a digital version available.   It will be my first digital book!   The first Miracle Squad Graphic Novel will contain the first four issues we did for Fantagraphics plus a short story,  and loads of extra behind the scenes notes from John (Wooley)  and developmental  sketches and such from me.

Miracle Squad Interview!

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Back Issue Magazine #47 has an interview with John Wooley and I about  The Miracle Squad.    I’ts just now hitting the stands.   You can check it out at here at TwoMorrows Publishing. They also will sell you a digital copy of the magazine you can download immediately.

Here’s one page out of an extensive article.  And while I’m talking about  The Miracle Squad, I don’t want to fail to mention it will be rereleased soon in two thick graphic novels from our new publisher Pulp 2.0

But the best reason for getting your mitts on a copy of Back Issue #47 is to read the last interview with Dave Stevens!  Dave is the creator of the Rocketeer.  He was a great illustrator and nice guy.  He passed away about 3 years ago way too early at 52.    I was once referred to in the fan press  as ” the poor man’s Dave Stevens” , probably as a put down , but I always took it as a compliment.  I knew him briefly and he was always gave me encouragement and advice to help me get started in my career.  His best advice was;  it is better to take your time and do a handful of really good illustrations, then it is to do lots of mediocre ones.  Read our article and learn how there might have been a Rocketeer/ Miracle Squad crossover.     Yeah, it COULD have happened!


Miracle Squad

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The THIRD layout.  This time Bill Cunningham, my publisher at Pulp Press 2.0 liked it and gave it the greenlight.   He should have liked it , I worked it up from his layout!

Here are the final pencils, which I have dropped off at Butch Burcham’s studio for his great inks.   Butch was the original inker on the Squad, and it’s great to have him inking my stuff again.

Miracle Squad!!!!!

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In a Dallas coffee shop working on the layouts to the Miracle Squad graphic novel.   It’s published by Pulp 2.o Press, and will be coming out next year.  I’m really stoked about it.  It will be my first digital comic, but will also be published the traditional way too.     The first graphic novel will collect the first four Miracle Squads plus tons of other goodies, such as John’s original short story that inspired the comic, and a lot of my character sketches and developmental stuff.     Which  option do you guys like?