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Retro klunk batma
This is the kind of thing I do sometimes when I’m bored to … you know, entertain myself.   I’m a huge Batman fan, since the sixth grade.   Strangely enough I’ve never cared much for the Batman movies, except maybe the one with Keith Ledger as the Joker.  That was pretty good.     What I don’t care for is the rubber suits, or even the body armored look of the last three Batman movies.  And the Batmobiles are trying to be way too cool.    So I’ve photoshopped together a still from a Batman movie I would like to see.   I like the klunkiness of it.  Klunk is cool!

Someone actually built this car and I grabbed it from the internet.   The Joker is the Joker from the “Dead End ” short by Sandy Collora on Youtube.  Which is by far the best live action Batman film.    I also think a Batman movie with a soundtrack by the Ramones would be kinda neat.    In my mind this “movie” was shot in perhaps East Germany in the mid seventies and never got play here in the states.   Here’s the link to BATMAN: DEAD END.


Classic Comic Covers Recreated

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Silver Surfer

Behold…. The Silver Surfer!   One of the coolest things about being a cartoonist is having friends that are also cartoonists!   Such as my pal Bruce McCorkindale.   Bruce is not only the inker on one of the hottest selling comics going,  Godzilla, but also the mastermind behind these classic comic cover recreations!   These unique pieces of art are so cool I ended up buying two……

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge Batman fan, so I had to have this one.



Now everyone that visits me will know, ’cause it’s hanging on the living room wall!

When he can find them, Bruce works off of photocopies of the penciler’s work.   So for instance, on a Fantastic Four cover, it’s Kirby/McCorkindale instead of Kirby/Sinnott

Bruce even adds the printers marks, such as the registration marks and notes along the edge.  I prefer to crop them out with the matt boards.





Bruce McCorkindale




If you’re interested in having Bruce recreate one or two of your favorite old comic covers , let me know.  I think his rules are it has to be one from the 1970’s or older and the illustrator has to be deceased.