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Today at Miracle Studios

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I’m back to blogging again. The studio had gotten so busy that I’ve been neglecting my life of an illustrator blog. Of course I’m talking about “The Uncanny Man-Frog” blog, named after a comic book I did years ago. I’ve started to take this social media thing more seriously. I now have an Instagram account also, I’m calling it the KID KOG Instagram.

Anatomy Studies

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Friday night at the local coffee shop finds me studying anatomy, specifically the knee. I signed up for Proko’s anatomy course. I thought I knew almost everything about the human body, but thanks to Stan Prokopenko and his site, my knowledge of anatomy is at a whole new level. I recommend his site over any of the anatomy books I’ve studied, and I have a stack of anatomy books 3 foot high.
If you don’t want to purchase his courses, Stan generously gives you about 50% of the content free of charge on Youtube.

IMG_6380 Here are some sketchbook  pages from my studies tonight. This sort of intensive study is worth it.  When you know the bones and ligaments and how they connect, you can draw the figure with confidence!


Don’t just listen to or read the lesson. Drawing through the material commits it to memory.   I enjoy studying, sketching and observing  to constantly improve.



Another good reason to study!  Imagine yourself as not having to stop and consult reference every time you draw the figure.  If you know the anatomy inside out you can speed through it, even take artistic license and break some rules!


Oops!  I misspelled  “half”!

Check out the courses available at Proko

Thanks, Stan you’re an amazing teacher!


Bookshelf: Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth

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This is my well worn copy of Andrew Loomis‘ book “Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth. This is THE best book you’ll find for understanding how to portray the figure in “3d” space. I’ve dozens of books on anatomical illustration in my library. If I had to pick just one, this is definitely the one I’d grab as I ran from my burning house.

First published in 1943,  it’s gone through 25 printings, the last one in 1973.  When I was growing up, I recall seeing abridged forms of this tome published by Walter Foster, those thin oversized volumes that are popular in art supply stores.  This book is 204 pages, each loaded with information on anatomy, balance, foreshortening, composition, and the tough subject of placing the anatomical figure in space.

There are lots of anatomical charts like this one in the book.  But most anatomy books feature these.  What makes this Andrew Loomis book great are diagrams and illustrations which instruct on how to think about  the figure relating to the space it occupies.  Charts like these below……

There is so much information packed into this book and Loomis knows how to make it easy to assimilate.   The book is out of print, but you can get it on Ebay Auctions.  Be prepared to pay from $100 to $200.  If you’re a starving artist, and I remember what’s that like, here’s where you can get it for free: