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Comps: Studio Promo

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This is supposed to be a blog of a working cartoonist.  Here’s something I’ve been working on today.  Compositional layouts for Miracle Studios’  Workbook ad.   Workbook is this big thick book that is sent by the tens of thousands out to art directors all over North America, and some over seas.   It’s one way we advertise the studio.

Here’s another version.   I could use some feedback.  Which one do you prefer?


Promotional Illustration: Part Two

Posted in Promotional Illustration with tags , on August 20, 2010 by uncannymanfrog

Here is my pencilled work.   I’m working totally digital with my Intuos 4 pad, as I mentioned in the previous post.   I’ve also dropped my photo reference directly into the Photoshop document.   It makes it really easy to work (trace) with.      Hey, nothing wrong with tracing.  Norman Rockwell, beloved American Illustrator, would take photos of models and project them directly on his working surface!

Here is the inks, courtesy of Scott Youtsey!   I’ve added the color flats, or most of them.  Tomorrow, I will be doing fully rendered color.  On the monitors are samples of our work.  This illustration is like a mini portfolio.

Promotional Illustration

Posted in Promotional Illustration with tags on August 7, 2010 by uncannymanfrog

Here’s a quick rough I drew, at the coffee shop again, for Miracle Studios Workbook ad.    One way I advertise Miracle Studios is by taking out these double page spread ads in creative “black books”  such as Workbook and Serbin Communications Illustration Annuals.   These big thick books are full of other illustrator’s works and are distributed among art buyers all over North America and some to Europe and Japan.

Here it is after being scanned in and worked on in Photoshop.    I did this entirely digital on my new Intuos 4 Tablet.   I’ve colored digitally for over a decade, but am relatively new to digitally pencilling.  But I love it!    My business partner Scott has been digitally pencilling for months now,  I’m still catching on.

My agents, The Mendola Brothers of New York City, wanted some changes.  They felt like the Miracle Studios sign blocked the art on the screens, so requested this revision.   I think they made a good call.    Next I’ve got to do tight pencils, then Scott is going to digitally paint the whole thing.    I can’t wait to see the final painting!!!    I’ll post it up on Miracle Studios blog when it’s done!!!

Pin Up! : Miracle Maiden with Kid Dynamo

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Pin up illustration for Miracle Studios ad in the Directory of Illustration.

To the right are my pencils.  Scott digitally inked the figure and did a great job, but I wasn’t happy with the face that I had drawn, so I digitally re-inked it.

If you’re curious to see how the whole ad turned out, see it at  Miracle Studios Blog.