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Character Design

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The “Manic Pixie”  character is being created for famous Tulsa Illustrator,  Rosemary Daugherty.  Rosemary owns  Manic Pixie Studios, located in Tulsa’s uber cool Pearl District.  Here are the comps and final pencils, produced with creative input from Rosey, herself!  Check out Rosemary’s creative illustrations at

Manic Pixie pencils

Manic PixieManic Pixie2

Pin Up! : Miracle Maiden with Kid Dynamo

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Pin up illustration for Miracle Studios ad in the Directory of Illustration.

To the right are my pencils.  Scott digitally inked the figure and did a great job, but I wasn’t happy with the face that I had drawn, so I digitally re-inked it.

If you’re curious to see how the whole ad turned out, see it at  Miracle Studios Blog.