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Here’s an old (over ten years old) sketch book of mine that got water damaged. I can’t bear to throw it away. Have a look!

A color sketch of Tori, my youngest daughter.

So water damaged you can barely see it. It’s a leaf!

“Planning for a Sci Fi illustration. Robot looks like it has its creative origins from “Doc Magnus Robot Fighter”. And the old rocket ship pictured above, standing on its fins, was a retro design at the time. Not today though, thanks to Elon Musk’s SpaceX endeavors!

My portable tool box back in those days.


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Rough layout sketch…..super kiddo clouds

This is to be a Bar Mitzvah present for a boy, done for one of  my agent’s main clients.   Hope the kid likes it.

Superkid J blonde

Twilight Avenger: Cover Concepts

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Twilight Avenger comp a

Twilight Avenger compBI had fun at the studio today working on cover concepts for my upcoming Twilight Avenger graphic novel.

The second one is my favorite, not only because of the composition and action, but that it shows june bugs swarming his magnesium light and leaks in his gas weaponry.

Twilight Avenger , is a bit Steam Punk looking.  But John and I were doing this type of thing before Steam Punk became popular.

The publisher is Pulp 2.0 Press.   We’re finishing up the creative part in the next month or so.   Pages still need to be lettered, and art touched up a bit.

Comps: Studio Promo

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This is supposed to be a blog of a working cartoonist.  Here’s something I’ve been working on today.  Compositional layouts for Miracle Studios’  Workbook ad.   Workbook is this big thick book that is sent by the tens of thousands out to art directors all over North America, and some over seas.   It’s one way we advertise the studio.

Here’s another version.   I could use some feedback.  Which one do you prefer?


Miracle Squad

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The THIRD layout.  This time Bill Cunningham, my publisher at Pulp Press 2.0 liked it and gave it the greenlight.   He should have liked it , I worked it up from his layout!

Here are the final pencils, which I have dropped off at Butch Burcham’s studio for his great inks.   Butch was the original inker on the Squad, and it’s great to have him inking my stuff again.

Miracle Squad!!!!!

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In a Dallas coffee shop working on the layouts to the Miracle Squad graphic novel.   It’s published by Pulp 2.o Press, and will be coming out next year.  I’m really stoked about it.  It will be my first digital comic, but will also be published the traditional way too.     The first graphic novel will collect the first four Miracle Squads plus tons of other goodies, such as John’s original short story that inspired the comic, and a lot of my character sketches and developmental stuff.     Which  option do you guys like?

TWILIGHT AVENGER: Updated for today.

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My character, Twilight Avenger, updated from the 1938 masked adventurer into the twenty first century.   A new guy has taken on the role.   The gas gun has been updated and the magnesium light now projects holograms.  Woo!

Here’s the original Twilight Avenger.    My pencilled drawing inked by  talented Tom Floyd. Tom  basically launched my career as a comic book illustrator in days of yore, by publishing the first Twilight Avenger books.  If you like pulp adventure be sure to check out  Tom’s Captain Spectre! It’s really cool!

Twilight Avenger was created by John Wooley and I.   We both love pulp adventure, such as the Shadow, Doc Savage and G-8 and his Battle Aces.   Twilight Avenger battled gangsters, zombies and giant vampire bats in and around Tulsa Oklahoma.   He was a graduate student at Tulsa University, and his fiance’ father was a weapons engineer during World War One.   So, Reece Chambers straps on a magnesium light, gas mask and the gas weaponry invented by his future father in law and becomes the masked  hero.

He was more of an everyman, rather than stalwart hero, and was often reluctant to even don the suit.  I loved drawing the book.   That era is fantastic!   Bi planes, auto gyros, those great thirties cars with running boards and hood ornaments,  zeppelins ,  aerodynamic trains,  and don’t forget all the art deco that was around Tulsa in those days.

This update was done because a movie studio showed some interest in the character, but he had to be updated because ” the only successful pulp movie has been the Indiana Jones franchise and everything else,  Shadow, Rocketeer  and the Phantom basically has bombed”.   But they passed on making a movie about him.   This has been our third or fourth bout with movie companies over TA.  There’s even a screenplay written about him floating around out there.

Here’s my version of the movie poster for the Twilight Avenger movie!

Photos of Twilight Avenger’s gas gun and magnesium light.   I’ve donated these to the Oklahoma Historical Society Museum , which is across the street from the Capitol building in Oklahoma City.   I’ll be releasing more details in my blog about this in coming weeks, so stay tuned!


Big Art!!

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This is a project of mine that always seems to stay on the back burner.

You’re looking at a color rough of what would be the first of a series of BIG illustrations on sheets of sign board, painted with glossy house paints. These large iconic illustrations of hot rods, dinosaurs, robots and girls would hopefully hang in galleries. And yes , that would graduate me from lowly commercial illustrator to fine arteest! Aw, who am I kidding? I’d have to clean out my garage to have room to do them and that’s not gonna happen!

Comps: The Chef

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Sometimes, or rather often, the illustration I do is never seen by the general public, for instance,  this illustration.   This is a “comp”,  short, for  composition.  A comp is a drawing used in place of a photo in a mock up to show the client what an ad agency has in mind.  It also serves as direction for the photographer.   I do lots of these.   This one was used in the making of one of those flyers you get in the mail for Sam’s Club.  I never saw the final production, but presumably the photographer posed a model in a chef’s costume and snapped the picture.   In all actuality the photog probably took one look at my drawing and tossed it in the trash.  Ha.

50 Girls 50

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My good friend, Bruce McCorkindale asked me to do the layouts for a comic project he was working on called 50 Girls 50.  He would then proceed to pencil and ink the final pages.  He knows layouts are my favorite thing to do, comics wise.  This book was loaded with spaceships, monsters and girls,  so how could I resist?

I did some photo research before  designing the monster.  I could have just made the whole thing up, but researching nature and riffing off other peoples ideas punches up your work.  Such research or ,”scrapping out” illustrations, used to require keeping “morgues”, file cabinets full of meticulously organized photos clipped from books and magazines.  I also had a stack of National Geographic Magazines and made frequent trips to the library.  But now it’s a snap.  Google Image searches and visits to  make you an expert in anything!
These are done small,   7.5″ X 5 “

Laying out comics is akin to directing movies.  You have to think about the setting, the time of day, direction of light, what the characters look like and who they are, camera angles, and where to crop.  All this must serve the story.  Each panel must take place at a critical point in time.  For instance, if the story requires one character to punch another:  Do you show the actual punch?  Maybe it’s better to show just a fraction of a second afterwards, with the punched character reeling and his tooth sailing through the air.  At any rate it’s a challenging mental excercise.   Plus, while doing so you have to keep in mind anatomy,  perspective, how clothes wrinkle  etc !!  It’s tough, but it’s FUN!Working out the perspective on the ship.  Hmmm  I think Bruce drew this one.  Below are some detailed pencils, I did,  of some of the key figures.