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Rough layout sketch…..super kiddo clouds

This is to be a Bar Mitzvah present for a boy, done for one of  my agent’s main clients.   Hope the kid likes it.

Superkid J blonde


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Crayon sketch on the butcher paper table cloth. Here is “Gleep”, my little space man that I often find myself sketching on the tables of finer restaurants about Tulsa.

Sorry ’bout the mess.

Character Design

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The “Manic Pixie”  character is being created for famous Tulsa Illustrator,  Rosemary Daugherty.  Rosemary owns  Manic Pixie Studios, located in Tulsa’s uber cool Pearl District.  Here are the comps and final pencils, produced with creative input from Rosey, herself!  Check out Rosemary’s creative illustrations at

Manic Pixie pencils

Manic PixieManic Pixie2


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Kid Zingo is a the cartoon spokesman for my newest venture:  Zingo Maps.   I’ll no doubt be posting about Zingo Maps in the future , but for now let’s concentrate on Kid Zingo.  I wanted a friendly, wholesome looking character to place on my web pages, possibly animated, and on promotional material for Zingo Maps.   I wanted him simply drawn.  Complicated characters are a pain to animate.   I suppose my influences for him were a bit of Bill Watterson’s Spaceman Spiff and  Dick Sprang’s Robin.   Two of the greatest cartoonists of all time, by the way.  Here is the first version.   What do you think?