About Me, Terry Tidwell

I’m an illustrator and animator.  My studio, Miracle Studios, specializes in comic type art for commercial purposes.  This blog was created to focus on my more personal projects such as art I do for my own amusement.  I’ll post all kinds of things here:  sketches, concept roughs, and maybe some photos.

As for personal data about me:  I like playing tennis, riding bikes, going to movies, and swimming.  I collect old comic books, and books on illustration.   I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in engineering, and used to work as an engineer.  I have two beautiful, creative and smart daughters.  And I like pie, particularly the chocolate variety.

Mom makes possibly the best chocolate pie in the universe.

If you’re interested in hiring me to illustrate, storyboard or animate something for you, feel free to  contact me.   Go to Miracle Studios.com.    My email, and phone number are there.

2 Responses to “About Me, Terry Tidwell”

  1. Hi Terry,

    I didn’t know you were an Engineer. There aren’t many peopel having both talents, artistic and mechanical. I enjoyed looking at your new illustrations.

    We just finished a big project last fall but the slow economy and digital technology hit badly for our business, publishing. We are redirecting our business toward global market.

    Go to Lingual.net that is our current site. If you have any animation story, let me know. We will upload with small fee.

    Keep in touch.


    • Yeah, Keiko, I’m the Leonardo Da Vinci of Claremore. (ha)
      Sorry to hear about your publishing being on hard times.
      I’ll check out your new site. Good luck with it!

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