Twilight Avenger: Cover Concepts

Twilight Avenger comp a

Twilight Avenger compBI had fun at the studio today working on cover concepts for my upcoming Twilight Avenger graphic novel.

The second one is my favorite, not only because of the composition and action, but that it shows june bugs swarming his magnesium light and leaks in his gas weaponry.

Twilight Avenger , is a bit Steam Punk looking.  But John and I were doing this type of thing before Steam Punk became popular.

The publisher is Pulp 2.0 Press.   We’re finishing up the creative part in the next month or so.   Pages still need to be lettered, and art touched up a bit.

5 Responses to “Twilight Avenger: Cover Concepts”

  1. ok, that’s great! hope to also see Joan and/or other women in gas masks!

  2. how is this going? where do we order?

  3. just bought my copy!!

  4. indiecomicsfan Says:

    Of course I bought this as soon as it was finally released. About to buy another copy shortly (got to have one collector copy and one reading copy). Cannot wait until they collect and publish the rest of the Eternity comics series. Any chance of any new stories being done by you and Mr. Wooley?

  5. yes – would love some NEW Twilight Avenger, the book was just all the old stuff compiled…

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