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Dallas Comic Con : Part 2 of 3

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Neal Adams was appearing at the Dallas Comic Convention Fan Days.  Neal Adams was the first artist to bring a realistic approach to illustrating comics.  Maybe realistic isn’t the word….  Adams brought an intensity in facial expressions and detailed  anatomy that was beyond the scope of what had gone before.

Neal Collage Adams

These are examples of his covers in the late sixties, early seventies.   His work  was inspiring to me and made me want to draw better.  Do yourself a favor and look up some of these works being republished today.



Look at these wild and dynamic page layouts.  Ingenious!   Click on the spread, especially to witness the details!   You may say, W’ell I don’t see anything unusual, it’s pretty commonplace!    What are you NUTS?   Oh, wait, sure ,you may be right….But Adams started it.   It was new and ground breaking for the times!


Neal, along with Denny O’Neil  { the writer}  brought social revelence into comics.   Here is a scene from Green Lantern # 76

3273674-green-lantern-green-arrow-85-drug-issue-speedy-junkie Green-Lantern-v2-86-10

And here  Neal, again with Denny O’Neil, tackles the subject of drug use.   Green Arrow’s sidekick ,Speedy, has become a junkie.  Yeah, I know, create your own joke here.

BraveAndBold079-01deadman spread

Here’s  3 pagse of Neal’s panel to panel work from  Brave and the Bold #79.   They are among my personal favorites!   Marvel at the cinematic storytelling.

neal adamsk

As I said in a previous blog post, the con was packed with people.  I was thinking I may not get a chance to see Mr. Adams, my main reason for attending.  But I was lucky and spotted him before the masses realized he had seated himself among us…. the common nerds!

I got so spend quite a bit of time in conversation with him.  But oddly enough  instead of comics we discussed ….Particle Physics!   I used to be a physics major, and  Neal  was well versed  about the subject.  Neal has his own theories concerning  expanding planets.   No, really, and they are unique and mind blowing.  Check out these two Youtube videos.   and .

adams print

I purchased a print from Neal, of a pencil drawing of the Green Arrow.   He signed it, and now it hangs in my domicile.


Mundane Missions: Christmas Mailing!

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Not everything I do, as an illustrator, is as glamorous and exciting as you may think.  For example this…….Image

I spent the day going to the office supply store buying cardboard mailers, then off to Starbucks to buy a load of gift cards. Yeah ,Starbucks gift cards.  I know, classy, right? Gift cards we send  to our clients and agents, and other people who help and support Miracle Studios. We want them to know we appreciate them, because, yeah, they help us a ton!  Actually, this should probably be a blog post at my Miracle Studios Blog , and it will ,in a more expanded form.  I’m killing two birds with one post!  No, I’m not lazy, that’s just working smart!   I spent a lot more time sorting , wrapping, writing thank you notes, and…. waiting in the post office in this very long line.   In other words experiencing the Christmas season!

Here’s a question for my fellow illustrators and artists:  What do you do to show appreciation to your clients and friends?

Tools and Tech: Yiynova DP1OU

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I’ve been working digitally almost exclusively for about 3 years, using Wacom’s Intuos 4 drawing tablet hooked up to my MacBook Pro 17 laptop.  This techno combo has freed me from working at the studio.   I spend my days in coffee shops and cafes working away with this set up.


The Intuos 4 has high sensitivity and drawing with it is a breeze, but notice the one drawback.   There is no visual screen to draw on.  You have to look up at the screen on your computer while your hand moves the pen while drawing.  This seems akward at first but in a couple of hours your brain adjusts and it starts to seem very natural.  I looked at Cintiqs initially but balked at the price.  Then I read about the Chinese drawing tablet the Yiynova DP10U.  It was about $360,  which is about a third of the cost of the smallest Cintiq.   So I ordered one.


After messing with the Chinese instructions, they never seem to get the English just right–ha, I couldn’t get it to work.  I ended up calling customer service and a Yiynova tech picked up the phone.   I could hear a kid crying in the background and a television on, and assumed he was working from his home.   He was very nice and informative and had me up and running shortly.  Excellent tech support, based on the one phone call.


The Yiynova mirrors what’s on your computer screen.   Drawing on it was almost like drawing on paper!  There is a slight gap due to the thickness of the glass and the image, which you adapt to very quickly.  If there was any lag time I didn’t notice it.

yiynova one

What did annoy me though was…. My HAND was in the WAY!   I am so  accustomed to not looking down at my Intuos tablet that my hand seemed like an obstruction.   It’s that way when I draw in my sketch books too.   When I work with my Yiynova, I generally don’t look down at the Yiynova screen, I look at the computer screen.   So it seems like kind of a waste of money.  But I’m sure as time goes on I will get used to it.  Here’s a Youtube vid  review of one.

yiynova test

Here’s a jpeg of what I was drawing on the Yiy.    It’s a rough comp of a character I made up when I was in grade school.  His name is A1.   Yes, I named him after a steak sauce.

Dallas Comic Con: Part 1 of 3

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fd-header3October 5 of this year I attended the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days.   I wasn’t going as a guest or anything special, just as a fan.  The main reason for my trip  was to meet Neal Adams, who was my favorite comic illustrator since I was in jr. high.

widow plus 2

Cosplay (Costume Play) in the convention center garage while waiting to go in.

terry at con

Yours truly on the dealers room floor.


The Black Widow was there!

Wiz of Oz

Best thing in the Wizard of Oz: Flying Monkeys!

Comic Cons ,in my region of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas, have been on the decline the last several years.  I was surprised to see the crowds swarming Fan Days.   Just to get in the gate took a couple of hours,  waiting around, as people who had prepurchased tickets streamed in the gate first.  I do think that the shift of major comic book conventions to emphasize television and movie stars may account for the massive crowds.  On the comics guest list, in addition to Neal Adams, were Simon Bisley,  Michael Golden, and Kelley Jones.  The media list included Ron  Perlman (Hellboy), Jon Heder ( Napoleon Dynamite) and some cast members from Breaking Bad.

My friend , Mike, from Fort Worth went with me to the con.   I think this is his second convention, the last being some 20 ago. He was there mainly to see the cast from one of his favorite shows, Breaking Bad.  He calls the show “genious”.   He also summed up the Dallas Con with a single word: