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Character Design

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The “Manic Pixie”  character is being created for famous Tulsa Illustrator,  Rosemary Daugherty.  Rosemary owns  Manic Pixie Studios, located in Tulsa’s uber cool Pearl District.  Here are the comps and final pencils, produced with creative input from Rosey, herself!  Check out Rosemary’s creative illustrations at

Manic Pixie pencils

Manic PixieManic Pixie2

Uncanny Man-frog

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Terry and ManfrogI’m starting to work on and off on the Uncanny Man-frog again. He was my first published comic book hero, way back when I was like 24.  I’ve re-magined him.   Showed the new design to a friend of mine.  He thinks the new Man-frog is SWELL!    No actually he thinks it stinks!     What do you think?  I mean, compared with the original.

I've redesigned Manfrog.  Here's a first peek.  Already someone told me it stinks! What do you think, I mean ,compared with the original?

One of my first published creations.  I named this blog after him.  Actually all the names I really wanted were already taken.