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Working Method: Pomodoro Technique

Posted in Uncategorized on May 28, 2012 by uncannymanfrog

Sometimes it’s tough to stay disciplined while working.  I’m self-employeed as an illustrator.  With no one to keep an eye on me, I’m apt to find myself laying on the couch watching tv, or stuffing my face in the kitchen. Hey, I’m not the only illustrator slacker.   This seems to be the bane of all illustrators and cartoonists I know.  Here’s one solution to wandering away from the drawing board, or nowadays, for me, the Intuos Tablet:     THE POMODORO TECHNIQUE!

Here’s how it works!   You get a kitchen timer, and I’d recommend getting the wind up kind that makes an audible ticking sound.  You set it for 25 minutes, this amount of time is called a Pomodoro,  For the length of the Pomodoro, you do nothing but work intensely.   If you get  a personal phone call, and you take it, well… that cancels out the Pomodoro and you have to start over.    This forces you to dedicate yourself to the work at hand.   As you become acclimated to the Pomodoro Method you start taking such personal calls on your break.  After all ,what can be so urgent you can’t wait 25 minutes to call them back.   After the 25 minutes is over the bell rings, you set the timer for five minutes and do what ever you want:  bathroom break, call you friends, watch tv,  it’s up to you.   Then when the dinger dings its back to your next Pomodoro.   Each time you finish a Pomodoro, mark it on a board or something.   The sound of the ticking timer and marking down Pomodoros gives me a sense of accomplishment.  After you rack up four straight Pomodoros take a thirty minute break or even an hour and go to lunch or take a nap.


Pomodoro is Italian for Tomato.   The guy that invented this method, used a kitchen timer that looked like a tomato.   You can get a Pomodoro app for your  smart phone ( as shown in the photo)  that will handle all the technical timer setting stuff for you.

Using the timer has really helped me get things done.  I recommend it!  Find out all about it here: