Illustration: Super Lawyer!

Tracy, recently had the honor of being selected for the accolade of being a Super Lawyer.   A designation in Oklahoma  for being …. well… a Super Lawyer!

Just for fun, I decided to illustrate her as the heroine of a comic book title:  Super Lawyer!

Here are a couple of pencil sketches that I started with.

After seleting between the two, I enhanced the sketch a bit and added some photo reference.   Uhmmmmm… did I say photo reference?  Actually I decided to apply a couple of Photoshop filters  to give  a more illustrated look and use them in the illustration. This by the way saved me a load of work.  No, I’m not cheating,  Norman Rockwell would have done the same thing if he could have!!!!!  By the way the filters I used were Posterize in combination with Cut Out.

Next I turned off the  background layerss, and changed the pencil line work to light blue.     ( Command +U/ colorize and mess with the sliders).  I used the Brush tool and the Pen tool to digitally ink the blue pencils.  This by the way is the first time I’ve ever digitally inked a digital pencil drawing of my own.  Oh, by the way Tracy made me put pants on her instead of the former mini skirt.   I guess lawyers don’t wear mini skirts to court.  Who knew?

After completing the digital inking, I added the color flats.

Here it is fully rendered with the logos and type.  I just hope this illustration doesn’t  get her barred from practice!


2 Responses to “Illustration: Super Lawyer!”

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  2. Thanks Fashion Lawyer!

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