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Cartoon Map

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Here’s a map I did for a downtown Tulsa entrepreneurial group.  It’ was fun doing, but honestly, without Photoshop’s duplicating power , drawing all those windows would drive me bonkers!

Illustration: Green Giant

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Working at the Cherry Street Coffee Shop today.    I get more work done in coffee shops than I do at the studio.

I’m working on some comic strips for Green Giant.  I actually feel like I’m working on something worthwhile here; Getting kids to eat more vegatables.   Have you taken a look at kids lately.  Most of them are so fat!  What happened kids? I’m creating the pencils , colors and lettering digitally via Intous 4, with digital inks by Scott Youtsey.   Both of us, of course, doing this job via Miracle Studios.   Check out the first strip here.  Green Giant Strip