Miracle Squad: Cover art

Here’s the final cover art for the first Miracle Squad graphic novel.   Pulp 2.0 press is publishing it this spring.   The logo and type haven’t been added of course.     I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.  There will also be a digital version available.   It will be my first digital book!   The first Miracle Squad Graphic Novel will contain the first four issues we did for Fantagraphics plus a short story,  and loads of extra behind the scenes notes from John (Wooley)  and developmental  sketches and such from me.


One Response to “Miracle Squad: Cover art”

  1. I got mine as soon as it was released, with a nice note from the Pulp 2.0 press publisher. He told me Twilight Avenger and the second Miracle Squad were soon to be released but I cannot find where to put in my order. No option on the Pulp 2.0 web site.

    And what happened to your original cover?! Why did he settle on that bland edited version?

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