Storyboards: Eyemasters spot

I think what makes a storyboard good is to convey human expression in the faces and body language of the characters.   Read your script and try to feel what the characters in it feel.   Exaggerate it a bit if you feel it helps.   A Google search  for say, “pretty woman laughing” can instantly bring you hundreds of examples for you to use as models.   If you’re  working digitally, as I have here, you can drop these photos right into your file and draw right over the top of them.   Don’t trace!   Tracing a photo is the sure way to obtain a dead lifeless look in your drawings.   Use the photos to RIFF off of.  Keep your strokes quick and lively.    I love drawing people.   Sometimes backgrounds can be kind of a bore.  Especially in this case.  Can you imagine drawing hundreds of eyeglasses for these backgrounds?   Neither could I.    I dropped in photographs and used a the posterize filter in Photoshop on them.    A photo used as is , is quite jarring and won’t work with a rough drawing ,  but messing around with filters in Photoshop can give you quite good effects for blending it in with the drawings.


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