Miracle Squad Interview!

Back Issue Magazine #47 has an interview with John Wooley and I about  The Miracle Squad.    I’ts just now hitting the stands.   You can check it out at here at TwoMorrows Publishing. They also will sell you a digital copy of the magazine you can download immediately.

Here’s one page out of an extensive article.  And while I’m talking about  The Miracle Squad, I don’t want to fail to mention it will be rereleased soon in two thick graphic novels from our new publisher Pulp 2.0

But the best reason for getting your mitts on a copy of Back Issue #47 is to read the last interview with Dave Stevens!  Dave is the creator of the Rocketeer.  He was a great illustrator and nice guy.  He passed away about 3 years ago way too early at 52.    I was once referred to in the fan press  as ” the poor man’s Dave Stevens” , probably as a put down , but I always took it as a compliment.  I knew him briefly and he was always gave me encouragement and advice to help me get started in my career.  His best advice was;  it is better to take your time and do a handful of really good illustrations, then it is to do lots of mediocre ones.  Read our article and learn how there might have been a Rocketeer/ Miracle Squad crossover.     Yeah, it COULD have happened!



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