Sketchbook: Sketching at the coffee shop.

I sometimes hang out in the coffee shop on Cherry Street, in Tulsa.   I don’t like coffee so I usually get some iced tea and a cookie.

Here I’m messing around with  Man-Frog.  As in “The Uncanny Man-Frog” that this very blog is named after.   A digital comics sight is interested in publishing him.  I want to update him a bit, but this  look isn’t working for me.  Man-frog’s real name is Aristotle, by the way.

Here’s an idea I had, ( probably inspired by the sugar high from the chocolate chip cookie)     Get a bunch of two foot square canvases and do these pop art portraits.  Sketched out are  a Cherokee Princes,  Retro Robot and Jesus.

One more.

Coffee shops are the perfect environment for sketching.  Food, drink, music, and people to praise you for your  sketching.   Is that narcissistic?


5 Responses to “Sketchbook: Sketching at the coffee shop.”

  1. chris hall Says:

    hi terry, Ive been creating more comical characters vikings and a silly
    drooling zombie. nice manfrog by the way. I have to be in absolute
    solitude to do creative things, I get distracted easily so coffee shops
    may be a big no for me… oh well, nice work! keep it up.- chris

  2. Greg Gick Says:

    Hi, Terry:

    Just found your website. LOVED the Twilight Avenger and The Miracle Squad (especially as they took place in the same universe). The Avenger and the Squad are both part of a larger crossover universe mentioned in Win Scott Eckert’s collection of crossovers from comics, tv, and especially pulps in CROSSOVERS: A SECRET HISTORY OF THE WORLD VOlS 1 and 2 from Black Coat Press! This is a collection of all the crossovers we could find listed as if they all lived in the same “world.” Check it out!~

    Also, would love to see Twilight Avenger and the Squad both be collected in trade paperbacks from someone. Any chance of that ever happening?



  3. Greg,
    Thank you for your kind words! I will check out the Crosseovers collection you mentioned.

    And as far as The Twilight Avenger and Miracle Squad being published again it is not only a possibility it IS going to happen. I don’t want to spill the details yet . My publisher is about to go public with the news this month.

  4. ice watch…

    […]Sketchbook: Sketching at the coffee shop. « Uncannymanfrog's Blog[…]…

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