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Home Sweet Home Studio: Drawing comps.

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Back at the drawing table.  The food poisoning was a 24 hour thing.

On the drawing board: Comps for Sam’s Club,  a bunch of them.   For this one  they wanted, ” Middle age woman browses bags of oranges.”

This one: “Slice of apple pie with ice cream”   Look at the care I put into drawing this plate.  Who needs ellipse templates anyway!

Last One: “older golfers, husband and wife”     Shoppers , pie , and golfers; pretty exciting stuff.  Ehhh…. it’s a living.

Oklahoma City Arts Festival 2010

Posted in Events on May 29, 2010 by uncannymanfrog

I visited the Oklahoma City Art Festival this year with daughter Tori and son in law Ryan.

Windmill sculptures.

Tori’s an avid photographer.

Me, oblivious to the oncoming food poisoning , just  minutes before feeling it’s gut wrenching effect!

Artist DOWN!!!    I enjoyed the art but not the food poisoning.  I think it was the Indian Taco!

Pin Up! : Miracle Maiden with Kid Dynamo

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Pin up illustration for Miracle Studios ad in the Directory of Illustration.

To the right are my pencils.  Scott digitally inked the figure and did a great job, but I wasn’t happy with the face that I had drawn, so I digitally re-inked it.

If you’re curious to see how the whole ad turned out, see it at  Miracle Studios Blog.