TWILIGHT AVENGER: Updated for today.

My character, Twilight Avenger, updated from the 1938 masked adventurer into the twenty first century.   A new guy has taken on the role.   The gas gun has been updated and the magnesium light now projects holograms.  Woo!

Here’s the original Twilight Avenger.    My pencilled drawing inked by  talented Tom Floyd. Tom  basically launched my career as a comic book illustrator in days of yore, by publishing the first Twilight Avenger books.  If you like pulp adventure be sure to check out  Tom’s Captain Spectre! It’s really cool!

Twilight Avenger was created by John Wooley and I.   We both love pulp adventure, such as the Shadow, Doc Savage and G-8 and his Battle Aces.   Twilight Avenger battled gangsters, zombies and giant vampire bats in and around Tulsa Oklahoma.   He was a graduate student at Tulsa University, and his fiance’ father was a weapons engineer during World War One.   So, Reece Chambers straps on a magnesium light, gas mask and the gas weaponry invented by his future father in law and becomes the masked  hero.

He was more of an everyman, rather than stalwart hero, and was often reluctant to even don the suit.  I loved drawing the book.   That era is fantastic!   Bi planes, auto gyros, those great thirties cars with running boards and hood ornaments,  zeppelins ,  aerodynamic trains,  and don’t forget all the art deco that was around Tulsa in those days.

This update was done because a movie studio showed some interest in the character, but he had to be updated because ” the only successful pulp movie has been the Indiana Jones franchise and everything else,  Shadow, Rocketeer  and the Phantom basically has bombed”.   But they passed on making a movie about him.   This has been our third or fourth bout with movie companies over TA.  There’s even a screenplay written about him floating around out there.

Here’s my version of the movie poster for the Twilight Avenger movie!

Photos of Twilight Avenger’s gas gun and magnesium light.   I’ve donated these to the Oklahoma Historical Society Museum , which is across the street from the Capitol building in Oklahoma City.   I’ll be releasing more details in my blog about this in coming weeks, so stay tuned!



4 Responses to “TWILIGHT AVENGER: Updated for today.”

  1. Man that is great you had some interest….I didn’t know that. When is Hollywood gonna wake up and realize a good movie is the important thing. Not what year the characters live in.
    The original would have made a great movie!

    Looking forward to more posts about the Twilight Avenger.

  2. Thanks Tom, if only you were a movie mogul now! Of course there would have never been a Twilight Avenger at all if you hadn’t been with Elite Comics and accepted our pitch back in the eighties!

  3. Man, those were the days for sure. I had big plans, just got screwed by someone who wanted fame not success. Sorry about all that.

  4. I enjoyed the original Twilight Avenger. Great pulp hero, fun stories.

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