Sketchbook: Super Villian

I created a super hero named Vitamin Man for a pharmaceutical company.  And super heros come with super villains.  This one is named Scourge.    He’s a  villain in this big exo-skeleton.

So I get out my sketchbook and  brainstorm as many  different approaches as I can.  Anything goes at this point.   I  start with doodles and tease them out to see what comes up.  It’s fun.

The ideas don’t have to be rendered in detail, just roughed out.   The best of the designs are sent to the client for him to pick and choose.I like to do my concept work in sketchbooks rather than on loose paper or digitally.  Sketchbooks can be carried to coffee shops, parks or restaurants, just to break the monotony of being stuck at the studio.  Plus it’s nice to have  volumes of your sketches.   I think I must have around 25 full sketchbooks, documenting my work. Thanks for letting me share them with you.


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