This is “Libby”. She stars in a yarn set one hundred years from now. Corporations rule the United States through a puppet legislature. (uh… kinda like now). Libby is a Joan of Arc type of charismatic leader, who fights to bring the United States back to its Jeffersonian principals. The tattoo on her arm reads “Don’t Tread on Me” and her sword bears the Boy Scout motto: “Be Prepared”!  She is backed by a militia, of men and boys,  calling themselves the Scouts, who base their uniforms and credo on what was formerly the Boy Scouts.  She also has a large wolf as a companion.  All this takes place in a typical post apocalyptic setting, of course.  ha        Libby is © Terry Tidwell 2010

I made it all up myself….  Uh, yeah with a little inspiration from J. C. Leyendecker.

He painted this WWI propaganda poster.  One hangs in the J.M. Davis Gun Museum in Claremore, the town my studio is in.  I used to work there as a teenager.  This poster was my favorite thing in the museum.

If you look at this long enough,  ( I have an authentic poster framed and hanging in my living room) and project what’s happening with the USA today, this story sort of writes itself.


4 Responses to “Revolutionairy!”

  1. Kevin Tuma Says:

    Terry, this is fantastic. I love the politics (of course) and the character design is superb.

  2. You might want to add a disclaimer like DO NOT ACTUALLY SUBSCRIBE TO TEA PARTYING or something, so that no one thinks you are holding up “Where’s the birth certificate?” signs outside the Capitol building, dad. =p

    • Well although I know this story has strong political overtones, I’m not advocating any political direction here. It’s just a story based on a theory I made up that democracy is a temporary transition state to wrest the power from Kings and give it to corporations. In this alternative future corporations rule the country and slavery is back as new laws allow defaulting debtors to be seized as slaves by the people who are owed money. And I’ve always liked Columbia ( the female Uncle Sam) and Joan of Arc, and the boy scouts. Put all these ingredients into an overheated planet, set the timer for 200 years and the story comes out quite nicely.

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