Hot Off the Drawing Board!

A new project I’m working on.  I’m not a liberty to discuss it much, but here are a couple of shots of parts of this BIG illustration!This is Jim Lange.  He was the editorial cartoonist for the Oklahoman, Oklahoma City’s newspaper.   He helped me in my fledgling career when I was editorial cartoonist for  Oklahoma State University’s paper, the O’Collegian.   He invited me to visit him in his office, gave me advice, and one of his original cartoons!   He passed away in October last year, after working for decades for the paper.  Over his shoulder is Dave Simpson, who for years was editorial cartoonist for the Tulsa World.  I’ve met Dave and he’s a nice guy, and loves Mad Magazine!  Can you guess what comic strip that dinosaur is from?

This is Bill Mauldin, another Oklahoma cartoonist.  This guy drew cartoons during WWII, while serving  in the army, when he was about 22.   I’m amazed at how good he was!!  He created Willie and Joe which appeared in the military  newspaper, Stars and Stripes. .  His cartoons chronicled the life of the average grunt soldier, and depicted the horrors of war with a razor sharp wit.  Patton hated his cartoons, and demanded him censored.  But Eisenhower backed Maudlin up. He went on to win a Pulitzer Prize.   That’s pretty rare for a cartoonist.  Here, I’ve depicted him at a young age, drawing from a freshly dug foxhole.  Definitely check out the link above for his Willie and Joe cartoons.  Incredible stuff!!!!


2 Responses to “Hot Off the Drawing Board!”

  1. cool illo Terry……is that from Alley Oop? Nice Bill Mauldin likeness too.

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