Previously, I mentioned  being interviewed by Doug Kelly about the comic I did with John Wooley, the Miracle Squad.  Doug asked that I provide him with some of the art to publish with his words.   I gathered some up and thought I’d share it with you guys.

The fictitious Miracle Studios, which incidentally,  I named my real life studio after, was in Hollywood during the 1930’s.   It’s the setting for the Miracle Squad comic.  This page of original pencilled art serves as a quick intro to the Squad.   From the top, clockwise:   Mark Barron: head of the studio.  He inherited the studio from his dad, who got killed by mobsters in issue #1.  Sandra Castle:  Actress, the studios’ ” IT” girl. Johnny Rice, the Amazing Miralco:  Serial movie actor, illusionist and escape artist.  John Leslie: Studio detective. Hamilton Wynde:  Character Actor. Billy Casserta:  Prop man, mentally challenged giant.  AND  Tito Guzman: Mark Barron’s personal valet.

Cover pencls  for Miracle Squad #1 “Blood and Dust”

More pencils.  Most of this art features Johnny Rice, the escape artist.  But He wasn’t the focus of the book. It’s just that some of my favorite pages featured him.

My pencils for Miracle Squad #4.  Inked by Butch Burcham.

Production art, model sheets for the Squad.

Here’s the original art for the promotional poster.


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