Home, Sweet Home Studio

Working late in my home studio. If you want to see Miracle Studios, you’ll have to go to www.miraclestudios.com. Right now, there are no pics up of it yet, but sometime near the third week in March we are posting some. Miracle Studios’ walls are lined with original art, posters, toys (both new and old) and model aircraft hang from the ceilings. People are curious, so we’ll actually reveal what Miracle Studios looks like soon.  Be patient, for right now, scope out this photo of my home studio which has quite a bit of junk decorating it. In addition it’s loaded with books on illustration, old toys and such. I keep all that kind of eclectic treasure  in the confines of this one room in my house so my guests won’t think I’m totally mad.

My Home Studio


6 Responses to “Home, Sweet Home Studio”

  1. Wow Terry!! You do some really nice work!!

    Mike Perry

  2. Hey Terry welcome to the world of blogging! I too have been trying to blog over at my sketch blog.

    Hey what is that thing on top of your printer? Looks like some kind of war of the worlds thing. Also what brand of airplane models are those? cool

    • Hey Tom, good eye! That’s some kind of war vehicle from Star Wars Attack of the Clones. Those planes are from 21st Century Toys. They’ve gone out of business, I think. Look for them on Ebay. I’ll check out your blog. I hear you’re working for Moonstone. How do you like it there?

  3. chris hall Says:

    hi terry, cool blog keep up the good work-chris

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